BDS-DJ series( Square 0.01g)

Precision balance

BDS-DJ series( Square 0.01g)

Model name :  BDS-DJ-B

Units are available in more than 100 countries. 

You can also measure diamonds if you want to use CT units. We can also hide a unit if you don't want to use it.

Extra large weighing pan, can weigh large items. Suitable for gold jewelry, very convenient for weighing bracelets, etc.

Our balances are widely used in laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical, gold, and other industries.

Electronic balances have the characteristics of fast weighing and can complete 

the weighing of a large number of objects in a short time.

The shell is made of ABS material, the scale uses stainless steel, and the bracket uses a zinc alloy.

Our electronic balance has an RS232 data output interface.

Which can output and save the measurement results by connecting to a computer or printer for subsequent analysis or recording.

And we have a 5-year warranty service. (not including charger, face sticker, and battery).

Model name :  BDS-DJ-B

Units: grams (g), carats (ct), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), pennyweights (dwt) tolas (tola), pounds (lb), taels (TMR), packets (Pkt), grams per square meter (Gsm) (Supports the selection of multiple units)

Capacity and Accuracy:1.5kg/0.01g 2kg/0.01g 3kg/0.01g 5kg/0.01g

Scale size: 270*170*80mm

Platform size: 155mm*146mm

overload capacity: 0.01g overload 50KG world super overload

Communication interface: RS232 interface

Stabilization time: 0.01gs1sec1mgs3-5 sec  Automatic zero tracking: Off, 0.5,1 or 3 scale values

Scale color: white    Carton size:59.5*35.5*47.5cm

Power : battery 6v + adapter 12v/1ah(include)

Packing:6pcs/carton, total 17.5kg

Features: RS232 interface, can be connected to various machines.Units can be hidden, etc. High-precision straining resistance sensor, Strong anti-overload function.


Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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