Weighing Indicator Electronic Weight digital LCD Display Indicator for Platform Scale and Floor Scale

Weighing indicator

BDS-K1 Multifunctional Weighing Indicator

1. Wide range of applications-can be connected to small floor scale, platform scales, rail weighing scale, animal scales, small conveyor belts, etc.;

2. Analog signal, can connect 1 to 4 350Ω sensors;

3. High precision A/D conversion chip, readability 1/300000;

4. Dual Channel Chips-fast refresh rate and accurate judgment;

5. Unit switching function (kg/lb);

6. Tare function;

7. Anti-vibration function (Animal scale/Livestock scale function);

8. RS232 communication ports, optional baud rate(9600/4800), can be connect to thermal printer and computer software to output weighing date;

9. Optional bluetooth function and upper and lower limit alarm function, HIGH-OK-LOW status indication;

Optional relay-can connect and control upper and lower limit alarm lights or automation equipment;

10. Power Supply: 6V Battery + 12V/1Ah Adapter; World universal power supply 110-220V with large capactiy battery; Different specifications of adapter can be selected - British regulations/European regulations/US regulations.

LCD Multifunctional Weighing Indicator

  • Model:  BDS-weighing indicator K1
  • Unit : kg/lb
  • LCD display size: 100*40mm
  • Indicator Size : 246*110*161mm
  • Big digits :28.60*12.30 mm
  • Power:battery 6V/3Ah, adapter 12v/1Ah
  • Packing size: 64.5*33.5*52cm/13.5kg 8pcs/ctn

  • Accuracy: Class 3, n=3000
  • Rate: 10 times/second
  • Sensor sensitivity range: 1.2~3mV/V
  • Division value (Mini weighing value): 1/2/5/10/20/50 (Optional)
  • Display: LCD, six-digit display
  • Communication port (Optional): RS232; Baud rate 4800/9600 (Optional)


Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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