Weighing indicator

We are proud to introduce a brand new instrument that offers you a different experience compared to our previous two models. 

Instrument characteristics:

1. High-precision A/D conversion chip (dual-channel chip) with readability up to 1/300000;

2. Shockproof function (animal scale function);

3. RS232 communication port, optional baud rate, and optional communication method;

4. ABS material, iron bracket, scale beam bracket (included).

5. Independent motherboard, digital tube display board, 5V/1Ah power board, with anti-interference and anti-static functions;

6. Analog signal.

Our weighing indicator has an upper and lower limit. Can reduce loss, and boost efficiency.

Our industrial weighing scales' upper and lower limit alarm functions catch issues early and minimize downtime.

The weighing indicator uses a large LED display, so you can read data clearly even in bright sunlight.

Can use platform scales, animal scales, forklift scales, small floor scales, and roller scales. Precision weighing, consistent quality.

  • Model name: BDS-K3 LED Display weighing indicator
  • Unit: kg/lb/tl/g
  • LCD display size: 145*57mm
  • Indicator Size: 221*152*100mm
  • Big digits:50*15mm
  • Color: White      Backlight Color: Red/Green/White
  • Power: Power DC-AC, Battery 4v/4ah
  • Features: ABS material Bracket+Plastic Beam bracket; Battery indicator, Power saving mode, RS232 printing function optional (Upper and lower limit alarm function)
  • Dual Channel Chips-Fast refresh rate; Accurate judgment Anti-vibration function (Animal scale) Analog signal.


Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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