BDS-PN Series (Glass Windshiled 0.01g)

Precision balance

PN 0.01g Electronic Balance With Glass Windshiled

1. Integrated glass windshield: It can avoid the air flow in the use environment affecting weighing data, like air conditioners, fans, etc.; the glass cover can be opened on the top, right and left, the humanized design is convenient for use;

2. Multiple weighing units-g/ct/lb/oz/ozt/dr/gn/tl/dwt/mom/ktl/tl/ttl/htl/stl/t/m/cl/pcs/tmr/tar/MG1/ MG2/K/GSM, etc. and it can be customized according to customer specific requirements;

3. Standard RS232 communication interface - convenient for connecting printers to print labels, computer software to output data and other external devices and to facilitate the organization of weighing data;

4. Optional second display - can simultaneously display the weighing value on the balance to facilitate data reading;

5. Counting function - can operate the counting function, which can be used for parts packaging, quantity inspection, etc.;

6. Usage places: gold, jewelry, hardware, teaching, laboratories, medicine, chemicals, baking, etc. to meet the needs of different industries;

10mg PN High Precision Electronic Balance

  • Capacity: 300g/0.01g, 500g/0.01g, 600g/0.01g, 1000g/0.01g, 1200g/0.01g;

  • Unit: g/ct/lb/oz/ozt/dr/gn/tl/dwt/mom/ktl/tl/ttl/htl/stl/t/m/cl/pcs/tmr/tar/MG1/MG2/K/GSM;

  • Communication Interface: RS232 Port; 

  • Weighing pan size: 120mm;

  • Power supply: 6V Battery + 12V/1Ah Adapter; World universal power supply 110-220V with large capactiy battery; Different specifications od adapter can be selected-British/European/US regulations;

  • Operationg Temperature: -10℃-30℃


Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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