Pocket Scale-Small Size with Big Benefits

Ava 2024-01-16 15:07:50

BDS-ES Hot-Selling Classic Pocket Scale


  • High Precision Measurement:

The BDS-ES pocket scale is a highly accurate and reliable weighing tool. With its precision measurement of 0.01, it ensures accurate results whether you need to weigh lightweight items or require precise measurements. It is suitable for various weighing needs, making it versatile for use at home, in a store, or a factory. Whether you're weighing jewelry, gold, pigment, screws, hardware, tea, ingredients, or other items, the BDS-ES pocket scale can meet your requirements.


  • Easy to Operate:

The novel circular display and intuitive buttons make it easy to select different units such as grams, ounces, carats, tolas, and more. It even includes a counting function, enhancing its functionality. The pocket scale is powered by two AAA batteries, ensuring convenience and portability.


  • Durability and Reliability:

Constructed with high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel materials, it is built to withstand regular use and has a long lifespan. The scale also incorporates a strong anti-overload function, protecting it from excessive weight and ensuring its longevity.


  • Customization Options:

The BDS-ES pocket scale offers customization options to cater to individual customer requirements. This allows you to personalize the scale according to your preferences, making it a versatile choice for different users.


In summary, the BDS-ES pocket scale is a stable, accurate, and durable weighing tool suitable for various scenarios. This is a good choice for you to choose measuring tools.


Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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Electronic balance/Weighing Indicator/Jewelry scale

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