How to use a balance correctly?

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1. How do you calibrate a balance before you use it?

(The preheated balance should be calibrated before use so that your balance works optimally.)

  • Remove the item from the weighing pan, press the"TARE" key, and make the balance display"0".
  • Then, Long press the "MODE" key, and the balance displays "FO".
  • Press the "Print" key, and "Lord" and "Number" will flash, place the weight relative to the number, and wait for 3-5 seconds.
  • The backlight of the screen is on and the stable symbol "o" appears in the upper left corner, and it returns to the weighing state automatically. After calibration, remove the weight.
  • Calibrate when the balance is unstable or there are items on the weighing pan, the screen will display CALF characters and the next step cannot be performed. You need to transfer the balance to a flat ground or table and perform the sixth operation step.

2. How to store your balance and use your balance?

  • Allowable storage humidity:40%~60%RH
  • Temperature: 10C-60C(fluctuations<1C/h)
  • To enhance the accuracy of the electronic balance during usage, it is recommended to preheat 15-20 mins after turning on the balance.
  • When the balance shows zero on the digital display, press the 'On' button to start the scale.
  • The container should ideally remain on the platform during this process, although it can be taken off if required. Avoid setting the container down on surfaces that may hold powders or grease that might add mass to the container.

3. Electronic balance maintenance and care.

Place the balance on a stable work surface to avoid vibration, drafts, and sunlight.

Adjust the level bubble to the middle position before use.

The electronic balance should be preheated according to the instructions.

Calibrate your electronic balance frequently to ensure it is in optimal condition.


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